a beautiful day for a photowalk (part 2)

Photos from our photowalk continued…

It was quite sunny that day.


Also a beautiful day for a nap in the park.


Different view…


Logan Square


Comcast Center. I really hate the dark corners that this lens produces. I don’t even think I was shooting that wide-open here… maybe f/8?



Need I repeat when I say that she has the best hair ever?


4 thoughts on “a beautiful day for a photowalk (part 2)

  1. About those dark corners…. Which Canon lens do you use? What aperture? I get the same thing but even more pronounced. Still, I love that shot of Comcast center. I’m purchasing a new lens next week and I wanted to ask them what causes the dark corners. Maybe there’s a simple solution.

    • it’s vignetting. i use a canon 50mm f/1.4. i doubt i was shooting much wider than f/8, so i’m not sure why it’s sooooo dark. thanks, though; glad you like the shot! let me know how your new lens is!

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