friday’s frames and features

I’m going to try to make a habit out of posting links to posts that I’ve found inspiring, and what better day to do this than Friday? (Happy Friday, by the way!) Tomorrow is my bridal shower, and I’m super excited about it. Less than three months until my wedding, and a little more than three months until our honeymoon to Turkey! I’ve wanted to go to Istanbul ever since my grandmother told me that it was her favorite place she’d ever been. My grandparents, after they retired, traveled to more than 50 countries; I can only hope to make it to that many places in my life.

Here are some more frames I made with my AE-1 and Portra 800.


I want to get this printed really large and put it next to my marquee letter on my wall.


This little guy barked his ass off at me. 🙂

Stairs to nowhere.


Enjoying a meal in the food court of the Comcast Center.


They looked like they were talking serious business.


Loved this guy.


Gorgeous spring day by the Art Museum.


Biggest fly I’ve ever seen.

Now for some inspiration.


François Filleul – Mon Pére
Maurice Sapiro – The Vatican, 1956
Terence S. Jones – vintage colors + vintage glass
Simon Wallerstedt – history
Through the Lens – Analog Cathedral
Jonny Whitlam – High Rise


Cereal With a Fork – Dick Move #37
Stephen Wildish

Hope you all have a great weekend! Cheers!


6 thoughts on “friday’s frames and features

  1. Merci pour la référence ! Enjoy tomorrow and think twice about going to Turkey for your honeymoon : they are so many things to take pictures of that your husband might get bored (or maybe he’s a photographer too) ;=)

    • hahaha! tickets are already booked. 😉 he is not a photographer, but he is used to me photographing everything on vacations! haha. de rien; ta photo (ton photo?) est très belle (beau?)! 😀

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