some new film shots VI

The light meter gave out on my AE-1. Bah. It seems as if I can never catch a break in the world of AE-1s. I’ve never had one last more than a year. I wish I could afford an external light meter, but for now, I’ll have to play the guessing game. Here are some more frames I made with the pre-light-meter-dying AE-1 and Tri-X.


Enjoying life on a 75-degree March day in Logan Square

Late-afternoon light


I don’t know who put that button there, but it made me smile.


Hunter and I at the Cherry Street Tavern, one of our favorite Friday lunch spots




Sweetest junkyard Rottie I’ve ever met. Poor girl could use a bath.


6 thoughts on “some new film shots VI

  1. No need to guess–there are plenty of apps you can download for free for both iPhone and Android. Also, external light meters needn’t be the best ones, I have an old GE model from the early 50s that works like a charm: Goodwill, $2.

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