a few from NYC

Hunter and I went to NYC back in January, and I just got the roll of Tri-X developed. I tend to use my AE-1 as my go-to film camera, so the roll had been sitting in my EOS-3 for a few months until I finally finished it and dropped it off at the lab. Here are a few shots…



It was FREEZING that day.



I kept climbing the fence so that I could get these shots, which freaked Hunter out.


Walking across the Queensboro Bridge



We ended up in Astoria, Queens, where we had never before been. It was a cute little neighborhood with lots of little restaurants.

All images shot with a Canon EOS 3 and Tri-X film.


8 thoughts on “a few from NYC

    • thanks! nope, my lab is amazing. i scan them myself, but i’m never happy with how they look after scanned. one day, i’m going to have them scanned on my lab’s super expensive scanner so that i can compare the two. however, for $150 or however much my scanner cost, it doesn’t do a terrible job.

  1. I fell in love with the second picture!! Amazing light, amazing lines and the shadows… it’s just delicious! : )

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