italian market portraits



These are probably my favorite shots I made that day. Right after I made the shot of the two little girls, my friend went to frame them, and their dad came out of the shop and started yelling, I mean really yelling, at her. He has no right to yell, of course, since it’s public and it’s completely legal, but man, was he pissed. I’m glad I made my shot before that happened!

Canon EOS 3, 20mm f/2.8, Tri-X


2 thoughts on “italian market portraits

  1. well, i’m not quite sure he had no right to be angry, or maybe just worried. It’s always the same question with street photography… And with even more complicated. I like your shot any way and how you managed the contrast !

    • yes, you’re right. he had the right to be angry, as anyone has the right to feel any kind of emotion, but since it’s completely legal, he could not question that (which he was). he was saying that we weren’t allowed to photograph his children. with regard to that, of course, he was incorrect. thank you!

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