italian market III

I hope all of you had a nice Easter and/or Passover, whatever you celebrate. I am far from religious, but these holidays are important times to spent with family. I had a great day with my family that involved lots of eating, baseball-watching, and nice conversation.

Here are some more photos from the Italian Market in South Philadelphia.






Canon AE-1, 50mm, Kodak Portra 800

This batch was tough to color-correct after being scanned, so some (especially the sausage man) turned out a bit warmer than I had wanted. This is the last set of color shots from the Italian Market, but I have some black-and-whites to process from that day as well. Until then, enjoy your Mondays (or at least try to…)!


5 thoughts on “italian market III

  1. I really like the second and the last photo. It shows the soul of the market.

    If I may give some opinion, The last photo, I think the old man was talking with his friend? It would be better if it’s shown more of the scene so we could explore the facial expression of the other man too 😀 The third photo has a great potential. Some people won’t like that his head is “chopped off”, but some won’t really bother with it. The photo itself is great, with the bean flying. It also would be better if more of the scene is shown. But other than that, it’s great photo 🙂

    I hope it’s okay for you with all the suggestion. If you have chance to visit my photo blog at don’t hesitate to give some critique and advises too ^^


    • i guess i should probably clarify, since it does look like the man was talking to that guy in the right side of the frame, but that guy was just walking to the door… the old man was yelling at a guy across the room 🙂

  2. sure, i always enthusiastically accept critiques of my photos. actually, in the last photo, the old man was yelling across the room, so there’s no way i could have captured that, unfortunately! 🙂 i will check out your blog when i get the chance!

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