an unseasonably warm march

If a 77-degree day in early March doesn’t give credence to the theory of global warming, I don’t know what does. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it! Sunday was amazingly beautiful, and I went out on a street shoot with a couple of photographer friends. We had a blast! The four rolls of film that I dropped off at the lab will be ready on Friday. I look forward to seeing the results.

Until then, here’s a PX100 Silver Shade Polaroid I shot that day.


Polaroid SX-70, Center City, Philadelphia

I’ve been really inspired by other blogs lately, so I’m going to try to post some links to inspirational photos, writings, recipes, art, or what have you in the future. Below are a few links that I found especially intriguing.


Apples (4″x5″ Polaroid) – Maurice Sapiro

Live For Wandering XIX – Yiwei Peng
Roxy – Ina Aydogan


Adorable Illustrations by Amy Borrell


Day 170 – Lucky Jackson


“Red” – Brian Westbye



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