RIP, time-zero pack

Unfortunately, a few of the shots in my beloved Time-Zero pack didn’t make it. The camera got all gunky from the chemicals and gummed up, causing a couple of shots to get stuck and come out really crappy. Thankfully, I have another pack in my fridge (expired ’99), so hopefully that pack will be as beautiful as this one was.

I’m dropping four rolls (three Tri-X and one Pan F)  at the lab today, so I’ll have a lot more to post in the coming weeks. Sadly, I shot one of the Tri-X rolls at 50 speed, so that roll probably won’t fare too well after being pulled three stops. Blech. There are some good shots on that roll, too. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it can be salvaged. Oh, the trials and tribulations of using old cameras!

Here’s one of the last good shots I got with my Time-Zero. I’ll be on the hunt for more packs of this, but it will have to wait until I get paid!


Polaroid SX-70, original Time-Zero (cropped), expired ’00 or ’01 (can’t remember)


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