First off, let me just say that Time-Zero film is extremely dangerous. I never should have bought it, because little did I know that I would become addicted to it. I bought this pack about three years ago for my SX-70. Thankfully, my friend George was able to determine what was wrong with my SX-70 and fix it, or else this pack would probably still be sitting in my fridge. It’s wonderfully expired (I think it had an expiration date of 2000) and boasts some beautiful flashing. There are still five exposures left, and I want to try to save them for as long as I can. It’s really hard, because all I want to do it take that next shot, but I don’t want to waste it. It’s pretty much impossible to find these days, so I need to wait for the perfect moment to shoot the last five exposures. Anyway, here is one shot that I took of Hunter in bed. I’ll be posting a couple more in the next few days.



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