bordeaux, final day

Well, after what seems like an eternity, I’ve come to the final set of photos from our trip. (Of course, there are too many to post in one post, so this will actually be the penultimate post.) I’m so excited to have been Freshly Pressed today for the first time, so it inspired me to get my butt moving and finally finish these posts! Thank you to everyone who has commented and followed my blog today! Without further ado…

This reminded me of the fountain right by my office in Philadelphia’s Logan Square, except about a hundred times more magnificent.

And this guy reminded me of my extremely creepy next-door neighbor. I guess you have to take the bad with the good sometimes.

This farmer’s market was probably the most amazing I’d ever been to. I wanted to buy everything, but since we were leaving the next day, that wouldn’t have been too wise.


I was going to leave this image out in favor of the previous one, but that eye made me change my mind.

So much beautiful produce.

The incredible aromas enveloped us throughout our entire walk through the market.

I’ve never been too big of a fan of oysters, but eating them fresh in Bordeaux paired with white wine and delicious French bread converted me.


Oyster-shucking looks like a very tedious and difficult job.

More delicious smells.

Of course, there were things besides edibles at the market.

Carine and Anthony introduced us to bourru, which is wine that is drawn from the vat or barrel just shortly after fermentation is completed. Vin bourru wine has a fresh, slightly effervescent character and is a favorite in many European countries. (Thanks,!) We found it absolutely delicious, and it was very inexpensive!

So we sat down and enjoyed it.


10 thoughts on “bordeaux, final day

  1. Again, great pictures! Glad I found your blog on freshly pressed, and I will be following it now. My favorite pictures were of the fish (although creepy) and your use of reflection with the mirror and sunglasses. I also laughed out loud about your creepy neighbor; I can only imagine.

    • thank you so much, alyse! i really appreciate it! haha… trust me, you don’t want to imagine the creep factor of my neighbor. i won’t even get into it! 🙂 thanks a lot for stopping by!

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