After a long break, I’m back to posting photos from France. This installment is from our trip to Saint-Émilion, a beautiful wine country in southwestern France.

Carine showing off a bunch of wine grapes she picked from the vineyard in which we picnicked

Mathieu having a romp in the vineyard

We were surrounded by vineyards — a wine-lover’s dreamland!

This shop made delicious macaroons.

Bird’s-eye view

View from one of the castle windows

Maybe he had too much wine?

A sign from a wonderful soap shop

What would a trip to the wine country be without sampling some of the offerings? 🙂

Mathieu at the café

I have just a few more installments of our trip left. It seems as if I’ve been posting these photos forever! I hope all of you Americans have a great Thanksgiving!


179 thoughts on “saint-émilion

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  2. You have captured France perfectly…..Tell me, the soap shop….was the name of it “Lush”? The soap you captured…was the scent raspberry and rose or something like that?

    • @whenquiet, thank you so much! honestly, i don’t remember the name of the soap shop, but i believe it was the only soap shop in saint-emilion. i also don’t remember the scents, but i do remember that they all smelled amazing!

  3. Great photos!

    Felt like I was there. Shame it didn’t taste like I was there 🙂

    Some of the views, of the picture perfect village, reminded me of when I visited Malta! Similar building styles, pebble streets and even castles!

    I’m now following and looking forward to these amazing photos! What was the wine like by the way?

    • @iamtongueincheek, thank you so much! i’ve always wanted to visit malta! our next trip will be to turkey, but perhaps we’ll have to plan to go to malta next! after morocco that is… 🙂 thanks so much for following! the wine was AMAZING. all of it. 🙂

  4. @meredith I visited Turkey in June! Every few days I have happy flashbacks of my experience there. This is incredibly bizarre, but since seeing your blog post, I’ve realised that I need to post a few pics/stories about my experience while abroad! Many friends have asked me about Morocco and Turkey and what they were like in comparison. Before I travelled, I thought of them as being quite similar, which can be said about specific cultures etc…I digress!

    Only now, I realised in your comment you mentioned Morocco, yet I just thought about it also. Gheez. :O We think alike for sure. I will definetly be sharing my experiences about both of those places as have lots of pics and stories!

    Red wine. Time to paint the town red! 🙂

    • @iamtonguencheek, i would love to see your blog posts from your trips! i am SO excited to go to turkey. i’ve wanted to go there for a long time, but this trip is going to be my future husband and my honeymoon, so it will be extra special. my grandma told me that her favorite-ever country that she traveled to was turkey, so that helped to inspire my desire to go there. looking forward to seeing your posts! enjoy the wine!

  5. Stunning photos – looks like a brilliant trip. Hmmm…while I am currently not in France, perhaps a sample of Saint Emilion will help ease the pain!!!! I am sure there is a bottle down in the basement!

  6. These photos are amazing. I live in America and have traveled within the country and have also been to Panama, but I’ve never traveled anywhere overseas. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe. There’s so much old world beauty in the land and the architecture. I love the photo of the macaroon shop.

    • thank you, @covered in his dust! i’ve been to europe a few times, and each time was amazing. i would definitely recommend it! we bought our tickets very early to save money. it’s expensive to travel abroad!

  7. Mikalee said it first and best… I must agree… jealous! In a good way, of course.

    some of the street shots reminded me of the streets of Macau, but with lots and lots less people.

    Beautiful… thanks for sharing

  8. Okay, I’ll start saving up for that trip right now!

    Nice play on rhapsody 🙂 I was thinking about how i could use it in my own domain name but i couldn’t come up with anything. Now I see someone did. Beat me to it!

  9. These are fantastic! Reminded me of my trip to Florence…. 🙂 So much wine and food! And the people were so friendly. Thanks for sharing these!

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  11. Wow, you went there at a perfect moment it seems, there so few people ! I’m used to see those streets full like the metro… I hope you enjoyed it, it’s a very nice place even if it is so ‘touristic’. Next time you try and visit the region, there are great places around there.

    Your shots were marvellous. 🙂

    • yes, it was really perfect. our friends took us to a lot of different places during our stay, including blaye, which i really loved. i can’t wait to go back. thank you very much for stopping by!

  12. Gorgeous photos! You have transported me there! My parents rave about Saint-Emilion! They spent a couple of weeks there befriending the vineyards 🙂 It’s on my list of places to visit… can’t wait to try the food!!!! Thank you for your pictures! I’m so happy I discovered your blog 🙂

  13. After a long day of complaining about the Prefecture, the metro and (non-existing) customer service, your photos remind me why I love this country. Thanks for the reminder!

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