madrid, day one continued (oops)

I just realized that I forgot to post the remaining images from the first day of our trip, so here they are.

This apple martini was quite possibly the strongest I’ve ever had in my life.

There were so many great little balconies all over the city.
Lewis shooting me shooting Lewis

This seemed appropriate 🙂

The doors to the cathedral were incredibly ornate and beautiful.

People take siestas everywhere in Madrid… even the stairs to the cathedral.

Very rarely will I post a shot like this, but the sun rays coming through that cloud were incredible.

Unfortunately, all there was to see over the wall was a lot of construction. It would have been an amazing view otherwise.

This is another one of my favorite shots of the trip. I think it will look really nice as an 11×14 print.

I’m not sure what his sign said, but I’d really like to know!

I thought she was very beautiful.

After a very long and eventful first day, we sat down at a great café in one of the plazas and shared two bottles of red wine and some dinner. It was a great end to an even greater day.



12 thoughts on “madrid, day one continued (oops)

  1. Hey chica

    Amazing pics.. Love them all, really! That homless guy with the sign was my neighbourhood bum, called Kike (Quique, short for Enrique) and his sign says something along the lines of ‘is there any pretty girl looking for an old, ugly guy to love her and no-one steal him away from her?’

    Funny, hey!

    Besos xx


  2. thank you so much! yes, it was our first time there, but definitely won’t be our last. barcelona is calling me now! 🙂 it really was a great trip. highly recommended!

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