madrid, day two continued

Here are the rest of the photos from day two.

Sleeping on the Metro seems to be one of the Madrileños favorite pastimes.

As does sleeping in the Metro station…

There was a lot of raunchy advertising to be seen.

And lots of making out. As I said in the previous posts, I witnessed PDAs pretty much all over the city.

Taking a little break from cleaning the streets

A little motorcycle self-portrait

We stopped into a pretty classy bar for a drink, and Lewis insisted that we try one of his favorites—amaretto. It was extremely sweet, but very good. The waitress decided that we apparently looked like we needed a triple-shot to get us going. That was a little overkill, but hey, I wasn’t about to complain.

And neither was Lewis.

Not usually a fan of little dogs, but I thought this guy was pretty cute.

And onto the next bar. This one was not quite as classy, but had better beer than most places in the city.

Madrileños don’t eat until really late. I think it was almost 11 here.

After bar hopping all night, we hung out in the plazas with the locals…

…and their dogs.

It was here that we met Sophie, a New Zealander who had been living and teaching English in Madrid for the past two years. She was moving the next morning to England, so she had one last night to party. She introduced us to her friends, who sang, played guitar, and drank beer in the plaza all night. We had the pleasure of joining them and, according to Sophie, had a “real Spanish experience.” Even though we didn’t speak the same language, we had no trouble having a great time with them.

A drunk Lewis should not be unleashed on innocent motorcycles. 🙂

That’s all for now. I’ll have the next installment ready soon. Thanks for looking!


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