madrid, day two

Day two of our trip was equally enjoyable as the first day, perhaps even more so because I was well rested. I’ll post only half of the photos I shot on day two in this entry, as I think there are too many for just one entry.

Our first stop was the El Rastro market, a multi-block flea market that happens every Sunday in Madrid.

The vendors here sold everything from instruments (pictured above) to straight-up crap. Actually, most of it was junk, but I bought a great necklace that the seller made from an old fork. They had a lot of nice jewelry there.

There were tons of people there.

Obligatory tourist scene, but one that I actually felt compelled to capture. (Yes, I gave them money.)

This is our friend Lewis, who is the son of Hunter’s host mother when he studied abroad in London. Lewis met us in Madrid for a few days. We stopped for some lunch at a touristy, but rather good, place near the market.

The café was great for people-watching.

And then they presented me with perhaps the strangest display of food I’ve ever seen. The deliciousness of the sandwich was most likely enhanced by my amazement of the ridiculous presentation.

After leaving the café, we wandered around the city aimlessly for the rest of the afternoon. I think that’s my favorite part about visiting a new city… just wandering around, taking in my surroundings. And as far as interesting sights go, Madrid did not disappoint me at all. I thought it would be a much more industrial city, but it was extremely beautiful. It is filled with tiny alleys and streets that are off the beaten path, a plethora of amazing plazas, and old architecture that was, for the most part, kept intact.

I felt right at home when I saw these shoes dangling from the telephone wire, since it is a very common sight in Kensington.

The (slightly misfocused) security guard inside of the Reina Sofia, which was an architecturally gorgeous place. Unfortunately, the other museums that I had wanted to hit (the Prado, especially) closed early the day that we planned to go there. I feel really guilty for not being able to see the Prado, but that just means I’ll have to visit Madrid again in the near future!

Me in the ceiling of the elevator taking us up to the top floor of the museum

The light was amazing that day, especially filtering in through the windows of the museum.

The view into the courtyard from the top floor

Hunter contemplating the beautiful view

As you can imagine, the Reina Sofia is a photographer’s paradise.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably post the rest of that day’s photos sometime tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


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