last post before europe!

I was going through my WordPress gallery to try and purge some of the images that never made it to a blog post, and I stumbled upon some images that I liked enough to put into a new post (or, in most cases, ones that I uploaded to Facebook and neglected to post here). We’re leaving tomorrow for Europe, so I figured I’d get some of these in before the large posts of Europe images that are sure to follow in two weeks. Our destination tomorrow is Madrid, but we’re also traveling to Toledo, and then we’re heading to Bordeaux, France. I can’t wait.

A Charlie Chaplin impersonator from this year’s Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA)

Philly’s finest doing what they do best—standing there looking generally helpless.

The first image I ever had published on Phawker of an acrobat at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Arts Bank on Broad Street

Hunter and his parents on his parents’ “island”

Rittenhouse Square

Random guy who asked me to photograph him. I gladly obliged 🙂

Adorable dog aptly tied up by her owner in front of the Good Dog Bar

One of the twins I used to nanny for

…and the other 🙂

Silhouette of a firefighter… can’t really remember why he was standing on top of the truck, though!

A very sleepy Pepper

She certainly knows how to make herself comfortable.

An adorable little girl who I haven’t seen in way too long! She has probably grown quite a bit.

One of my best friends in the world

Stairway to nowhere (I’m not going to be cliche and say heaven!)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for photos from Europe, to come soon!


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