in need of some color

Here are some more scans, all of which were taken in the spring and shot with a Canon EOS 3, 20mm lens, and Portra 800.

Another shooter in Hoboken, NJ (NYC skyline in the background)

Window washers cleaning the windows of the building I work in

An incredibly sleepy El passenger

My two best girlfriends at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. The guy in the background thought I was taking his photo, but little did he know that I had already taken a photo of him and his wife kissing moments earlier, which I ended up showing him and he bought a copy of.

Another shot from PIFA. There was really nice light that day.

I know you’re probably thinking that I oversaturated this, but that is the actual retina-burning color of that convenience store (intensified even more by some bright early-morning sunlight), which is on the way to the Huntingdon El stop in Kensington.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more soon.


2 thoughts on “in need of some color

  1. I like brightly painted buildings. I think we need a lot more of them in the US. lol
    I’ve sold several pictures to people on the street like you did here. It is always a fun surprise when it happens.
    Nice pictures!

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