analog chicago, part two

Here are the rest of my analog scans from my trip to Chicago. All were taken with a Canon EOS 3 and a 24mm f/2.8 lens.

Ilford SFX 200

The Bean early in the morn’

After parting ways with Elinor on Sunday, I headed to my friend Ted’s. Since his place was pretty much across town from where I was, I prepared myself for a cross-city adventure (i.e., grabbed lots of film and left my suitcase at the hotel to be picked up later in Ted’s car).



Shady warehouse across the street from Ted’s

Thanks for looking. Will be posting the digitals sometime soon.


4 thoughts on “analog chicago, part two

  1. cool to see some street from chicago !

    the “bean” is the most photographed place in that city, i’m pretty sure 😉

    that guy with the shirt is awesome. some nice frames!

    • thanks, severin. yes, i’ve seen lots of shots of the bean! it was my first time in chicago, so i felt obligated to make some of my own.

      i’m not sure if that guy was all there mentally. i think his shirt demonstrates that!

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