some new stuff

All digital, shot with my 20D and new 50mm f/1.4 lens, with which I am in love. Enjoy!

Side note: Can I hire someone to make me a new blog layout and make it a part of my own Web site? I am not so tech-savvy and need a flexible-width layout that doesn’t suck!

IMG_9426 (1) copy copy

larger than life

IMG_8328 (1)


We’d seen this man in the same bar we had just left some minutes earlier, and he asked for a glass of “the most alcoholic beer you’ve got”…

IMG_6754 copy


IMG_9419 (1) copyWhen I asked for his portrait, this man told me, “Sure, but I might break your camera!” (Pretty much the oldest excuse in the book! 🙂

IMG_8490 (1)

IMG_8467 (1)

IMG_8497 (1)

IMG_8431 (1)Enjoying a book at the Italian Market

IMG_8372 (1)One of the beautiful twins I babysit

IMG_8309 (1)😀

IMG_7039 copyHunter in a nice, subtle light

IMG_7928Amish country during the harvest

IMG_7952Is that a you’re-stealing-my-soul look?


That’s all for now. Thanks for looking!

Brought to you by the letter M. (Can you tell that I’ve been watching a lot of Sesame Street lately?)

IMG_8468 (1)


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