snowy days and not-so-snowy days

As the title indicates, Philadelphia was greeted by eight inches of snow last Wednesday, which was a welcome surprise. I took two walks while it was falling so that I could see the city with fresh snow, as opposed to muddy slush. I got pretty soaked, but my camera, as always, made it through unscathed. Following are some shots from that day and night, as well as some street shots from other not-so-snowy days. Hope you’re all doing well.

Pentax k1000, 50mm, HP5+ pushed to 1600 (as a side note, I’m not usually a huge fan of HP5+ at 400 [I much prefer Tri-X], but wow, was I impressed with the quality of it when pushed two stops!)





Taken from inside of my car







It’s rare that Hunter allows me to photograph him, so I was very pleased when I saw this one, as well as the next shot (though I prefer this one).


Days with less precipitation…



Pretty terrible composition, but had to act quickly.




My friend (her hat, actually) didn’t quite make it out of the frame…


Now some Tri-X and some not-so-snowy days.


Hunter, our friend, Denny, and I were walking to a flea market last Sunday, and I turned the corner by the carriage-horse stables to see this scene waiting for me. Needless to say, I was quite pleased. I think it will make a nice print. (I think it’s a little tilted, though… will have to fix that first.)


Watch your step…




Yes, you’re reading it correctly… his tent actually says “Block Captain”.


Well, that’s all for now. Should have more in about a week. Cheers!


10 thoughts on “snowy days and not-so-snowy days

  1. Philly in your photos is extremely interesting:) i love Hunter’s portrait as those street ones… great documentary, i love it:)

  2. For hp5 pushed two stops the images look great. A snow storm hit where I live recently, I should have gone out to document it. I like the horse photo like something from the great depression.

  3. really nice blog you have here.
    i have one, maybe stupid question, how do you puch films? do you underexpose two steps and then you tell in the lab to make it as two stops iso higher? is it possible to do that in my own darkroom?
    p.s. my favourite ones are with the horses, amazing shadows on the first one:)

  4. U photos have a feel to them–
    thats what makes u stand out.
    while most here rock–
    i like the abstracty ones–
    but the tonal values
    the compostition
    the frame
    the texture…
    for example the guy @ diner with ketchup bottle–
    Do u develop your own film?
    I want to so bad—
    i am living urban street photography vicariously through you and old files of mine.
    I so do not like florida streets—
    something about shorts –and all that –don’t match the mood i relate to…
    Please check out Blurb….do a book…
    i want one….

  5. is it love all that you think is a terrible composition?
    i no so little —
    but to me
    i think its powerful
    you caught characters
    and the difference–the contrast from the left side and right of frame
    i think makes it unique
    but agai
    what do i know…

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