been too long.

I have been absolutely terrible at keeping up with this blog. All of my previous posts also need to be updated with photos, since when uber went down for good, my photos went down with it. I’ll keep the talk short, because there are quite a few images to share. All of these are mixed up, in terms of what films were used… a mix of apx400, neopan400, and tri-x. All were shot with a Pentax k1000, 50mm f/2.0, unless otherwise noted. Hope you enjoy, and all you Americans have a good Thanksgiving. 🙂

one of the most interesting signs ive seen in a while...

I’m sort of obsessed with photographing people reading on the streets. And old men in hats.

Thankfully, we pulled that one off. OBAMA, BABY!

Different place, different day… same nun?

Just really liked the light here.

So many interesting characters in Philly.

Love this guy. He reminds me of a turtle poking its head out of its shell.


Who texts while the waitress is taking their food order? Rude.

Saw these folks outside of the bus I was on… needless to say, I was quite happy that the bus stopped where it did!

Hip shot… I planned to get the guy in frame-right, but instead I got the lovely lamppost. Great!

I wonder where the owner was.

I’m thinking about starting a project on Philadelphia’s graffiti and random signs, because there are a lot of really funny and interesting ones.

Like this, for example.

Not depressing at all.

Canon F-1, Delta 3200


4 thoughts on “been too long.

  1. I love the one with the guy texting the waitress.

    we might have to do another print exchange, ive been shooting lots of street.. I need to get my blog/site going again tho

  2. If I hadn’t click hte link I would have miss most of your best shot!
    Bloody you! You’ve hide from dA most of your art!!!!!!!
    I’ll be back here to piss you off ahahahahahah

    Big hugs from Paris Miss M!

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