birthday blog

(written September 6, 2008)

So I turned the big 2-5 today. Not much has changed except that I can now rent a car. I wait with bated breath until I can take advantage of that. (As Jules would say, where’s my sarcasm font?) Anyway, of course it hasn’t rained in weeks, but there just so happens to be a tropical storm passing through Philadelphia today… my luck exactly. 😉 I was planning to go to the Manayunk Soapbox Derby, but I don’t really want to spend my day soaked in the rain. However, there promises to be more destruction in the rain… which could make it worth it. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends. Here are some recent scans. All were taken with a Pentax k1000 (sans light meter), 50mm f/2 lens, and HP5+.

This is Dr. Meltzler (or something along those lines). He was very excited about my wanting to photograph him. I adore his expression. Such an old man’s expression.

Wish I’d gotten a bit closer for this one and shifted a bit to the right, but oh well. Some days I have all the courage in the world… other days I have little to none.

Love the light here.

A bit of urban geometry.

I stood next to this guy for a few minutes, waiting for him to blow out a lot of smoke so that the light would catch it… he stared at me for a while and still didn’t realize it was him that I was photographing.

I really, really like this frame. Perhaps my favorite on the roll. Walking through Chinatown is always rewarding with regards to the kinds of photos you can make there.

Same guy in the previous frame.

Just another nice instance of light. I’m sort of obsessed with the alleys in Philly… always something to see.

A real classy broad. 🙂

Waist-level shot (as if you couldn’t tell by the cut-off heads…). Of course, this isn’t really how I meant it to come out, but I like it all the same.

Edna, the woman I told you about a few posts ago. Very sweet woman.

Edna in front of the fountains at the Comcast Center.

Love the light here.

Semi-out-of-focus shot… meh.

This shot could have been a lot better, if I hadn’t put my finger in front of the lens (jerk) and not overexposed it. Oh well… everything’s a learning experience, I guess. Anyway, I hope you all have great weekends. Let the festivities begin 😉


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